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Question : Can I insure someone other than myself and only that person to fly my aircraft?

Q:Can I insure my aircraft under a syndicate or group name?
A:You can insure your aircraft under a group name. You will need to add the groups name and all the pilots of the group in the application process. We will use the person who is applying as the main contact. The group name will be shown as the policyholder. The group cannot operate the aircraft for any commercial use or to make a profit. You should contact the CAA who can provide information if you feel you are not complying and that you may fall under rental / commercial use.
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Q:Do you insure Helicopters?
A:Yes we insure Helicopters. During the quote process select Rotary-Wing when asked what category of aircraft would you like to insure.
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Q:Do you insure Microlights or Gyrocopters?
A:We can only insure Fixed Wing Microlights NOT Flexwing at the moment. We do not insure Gyrocopters but this option is coming soon.
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Q:What is the maximum aircraft value you insure?
A:At the moment we can only insure aircraft up to £250,000.
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Q:Can a named pilot book a day?
A:Not at the moment, this facility will be available soon. The person named as the insured on the Schedule has control of the aircraft flight planner.
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Q:Can I insure an aircraft under construction?
A:Yes this is possible. You can insure an aircraft under construction under our Ground Cover+ policy. We will not offer any cover for damage that is resulting from mistakes made during the build process. When the build is complete and the required CAA permissions have been granted, you can buy and use Insured Flight Days for the aircraft under the Ground Cover+ policy.
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Q:Is air testing after maintenance or repair covered under this policy?
A:Yes but we do have some restrictions. This policy is extended to apply to flights in the aircraft undertaken by any person qualified to maintain the aircraft or repair the aircraft if the flight is in connection with the maintenance or repair, provided they hold the appropriate licence to fly the aircraft. Full details of this cover, including any exclusions or conditions, are available in the FlyCovered policy wording. If you have a Ground Cover+ or On Demand policy an Insured Flying Day must be booked to cover the flight time.
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Q:Do I have to be a resident in the UK to take out a FlyCovered policy?
A:Yes. We are unable to insure non UK residents. We can only insure residents of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, the Isle of Man, the Island of Guernsey, the Island of Jersey and the Island of Alderney.
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Q:What is Pilot'sí Personal Accident
A:This additional option provides up to £10,000 of cover to each pilot insured under the policy if they sustain physical injury caused by an aviation incident when they are piloting the aircraft. In addition this option also includes £1,500 each insured person for each aviation incident in respect of medical and related expenses. Full details, including the schedule of benefits and any conditions or exclusions are available in the policy wording.
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Q:What is Liability cover to third parties?
A:This is the amount you are covered for should your aircraft be involved in an accident that involves and causes damages or injury to a third party property or person, this is during flight or while the aircraft is parked on the ground. All aircraft owners and operators must hold the minimum legal requirement for the insured aircraft. The minimum sum insured is calculated on the type of use, Maximum Takeoff Weight (MTOW) and the number of passengers the aircraft can carry. During the quote process we offer the minimum amount for the aircraft from the details supplied, this can be increased up to a maximum £10,000,000. The minimum legal requirement can be found on the CAA website. Full Details of the cover and exclusions are available in the FlyCovered policy wordings.
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