Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions.

Q:What happens if I book Insured Flying Days but I am unable to use them?
A:We know plans can change and have catered for that. You can cancel booked Insured Flying Days through your FlyCovered account. The Insured day(s) have to be cancelled before 23:59 Hours (Local Time At Your Address) the day before you intended to fly. The cancelled days will be credited to your FlyCovered account and there is no cost for doing this. If you do not cancel before 23:59 Hours (Local Time At Your Address) you will lose that Insured Flying Day.
Q:What is the Policy Wording?
A:This policy wording document along with your Schedule, Certificate of Insurance and any endorsements, make up your policy. You should read these documents carefully and make sure that they meet your needs. It is important that: you check that the sections of coverage you have requested are included in this policy; you comply with your duties under each section and under this policy as a whole. You should regularly review your cover to ensure that it is adequate and continues to meet your needs. You can access your insurance documents through your FlyCovered account To log in to your account you will require your account password, your postcode and your email address. A copy of all FlyCovered policy wordings are available on the website in the HELP CENTRE.

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Policy Wording

Policy wording for the FlyCovered Drone insurance policy.

For policies starting prior to 1st January 2021

For policies starting on or after the 1st January 2021

Insurance Product Information Document